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Vision Boarding

Student is working on a sketchbook using colored pencils, paint, scissors, leaves and string.Instructor: Rebecca Porche

Location: Sycamore Bdg, RM 7105   Tuiton: $31

If you want to bring more fun, truth, creativity, and intention into your life in 2024, this is the workshop for you! In this class, we will be questioning where our goals come from and exploring our deep truths. Our vision boards will contain only that which is truly aligned with our hearts and souls. We will explore the elements of design and the power visualization holds in bringing forth our realities. Students will need to bring: foam board, scissors, a glue stick and/or double stick tape, a pen and paper, magazines, clippings, drawings, print outs, postcards, flyers, business cards or anything you might be included to attach to your vision board, sharpie or makers and washi tape and stickers are optional. Class is one day only. Pick one or come multiple times!

Date Day Time Cost Section Register By Registration Link
March 26, 2024 Tuesday Noon - 3pm $31 41831 3/21/24 Register
April 24, 2024 Wednesday Noon - 3pm $31 41832 4/19/24 Register

How to Register by Email:

1. Download Creative Arts Registration Form (Form must be fully completed to be accepted)

2. Email completed form to

3. If you are registering through email please await a Successful Confirmation Registration Email.
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How to Register in Person:

Please visit Student Services Department on the top floor of the Hemlock Building at
185 Freedlander Drive, Clyde, NC 28721.