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Video Platforms


Haywood Community College uses several video platforms for meetings, recordings, viewing. 

Join a video meeting through Microsoft Teams using a link you received or as a Moodle class activity.
A brief tutorial video demonstrates how simple it is to join a Teams Meeting.

Need Technical Support?

Haywood’s WebSupport (IT): | (828) 565-4009

Haywood’s Moodle Help Desk: | (828) 627-4619

Accessing YuJa using your HCC credentials

YuJa is Haywood Community College’s instructional video platform. It is similar to YouTube in how it functions. As a student, your instructors may use this YuJa to create instructional videos or ask you to create your own video as part of an assignment. It is easy – and free – to access your YuJa account through Haywood. 

For optimal viewing, updated versions of Google Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended. Recommended operating System: Windows 10, macOS 10.15 or higher, or the latest ChromeOS. A stable internet Connection of 8-10mbps download and 3-6mbps upload is recommended.

Using the Single Sign-on (SSO) link is the easiest way to generate your account. Sign in using your HCC login credentials, which is also your Microsoft account.

YuJa HCC Login

If you encounter difficulties using the link above, try and Select 'Login Using: Login with Haywood Community College', then Select the 'Sign In' button.


Browser Capture Studio

Creating vidoes using YuJa does not require any download. Although it is an option, the easiest way is to use the Browser Capture Studio. Selecting this option will open a recorder right in your browser. From there you can choose to record yourself (through your webcam), just your screen, or yourself and your screen at the same time.

View the YuJa Recording Guide

Cross-site Tracking on Safari browser (mac, iPad, iPhone)

In some cases, downloading or utilizing Firefox or Chrome browsers may not be an option.

When using an iPad or iPhone, you do not have the option to use a different browser. Even if you download a different browser app, the set of functions allowing mobile devices to pull webpages uses Safari. In order to view the course's YuJa videos on an iPad or iPhone, adjusting Safari's Privacy settings is required. Toggle off (from green to gray) Prevent Cross-Site Tracking. Once this is done, revisit the video and follow the YuJa video login prompts. A view of iPad/iPhone settings is below. 

cross-site tracking on Safari browser

To view YuJa videos on Apple’s Safari browser on a Mac desktop computer or macbook, navigate to Safari's Privacy settings and uncheck the box to "Prevent cross-site tracking".  Once this is done, revisit the video and follow the YuJa video login prompts. We recommend use of the Firefox or Chrome browsers rather than Safari, when possible.


Technical support

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for this web application, when possible.

If you need assistance with YuJa account access, contact the Moodle Help Desk at (828) 627-4619 or

Online Etiquette

Learning in online communities can be rich, educational experiences when students commit to regular participation and positive, healthy and respectful interactions. 

Our video library offers some tips, tricks, and recommendations to ensure a positive online learning environment. 

Tips for Learning Online from M. Carpenter

Online Learning FYIs from S. Wampler

Keys to Online Success from D. White

How to Be Successful Online from V. Dooly