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Business Advisory Services

Welcome to Business Advisory Services!

Your HCC Small Business Center provides local, one-on-one, confidential, experienced counselors as advisors for new and existing businesses.  We are here to support you as an Entrepreneur no matter where you are on your Small Business Journey.

What is Business Advisory Counseling?

We help you understand the unique economic situations of North Carolina’s diverse communities and regions to provide services customized to meet your specific business needs.  Our experienced business counselors will help you find solutions to your challenging business questions. No question is too simple or complicated, and there is no fee for this service.

Whether you are getting started with your new business idea or are ready to grow an existing business, our Business Advisory Services are here to help.  

How does it work?

Available on an as-needed basis, this local, confidential service acts as a sounding board for new ideas and or concerns you may have about your business. Our experienced business advisory counselors will help you find solutions to your challenging business questions, educate you on best practices and help connect you to the resources you need to plan for success.

We work at your pace, with meetings available on a recurring basis, or on a project basis.  Starting with an initial consultation, we will talk through your needs and make a plan that works for you.

  • New to the SBC?  Complete your registration for our one-on-one business advisory services.
  • Already a Client and ready for your next follow-up?  Schedule your next session at time that works best for you.



Business Advisory Services Include:

  • Business Plan Development: Tools and templates from 1-page business plans to test your concepts, to full business plans for loan packages.
  • Sources of Capital and Loan Preparation: Learn where and how to find money for your business including capital equipment, startup funds and buying an existing business.
  • Management and Human Resources Guidance: Learn best practices to apply to your business operations.
  • Marketing Assistance: Learn about marketing best practices, from basics to the latest digital trends.
  • Market Research: Gain access to industry reports and demographic data to help define your target market or research your competition.
  • Support with Referrals: We can help you connect to local and state resources available for your industry including:
    • Food and Beverage
    • Retail and Ecommerce
    • Agribusiness
    • Crafters, Makers, & Creative Manufacturing
    • Nonprofits
    • Biotech-related Businesses
    • Manufacturing
    • State & Government Contracting
    • Technology Commercialization Services
    • International Trade