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Green Leaf Initiative

Volunteering with HCC

If you're looking to volunteer with HCC, we have a variety of opportunities for you! Our team has compiled three main areas where your help is needed. Please review which area appeals to you the most and reach out with your availability and contact information.

As part of the volunteering process, please complete a waiver for your work on campus.


Volunteers helping with the greenhouse revitalization will assist in basic greenhouse repairs to ensure it becomes and remains fully operational. This group will also oversee the plant sales for the college held during the year as a fundraising opportunity. In addition to plant sale work, this group will also coordinate with other volunteer projects using the greenhouse and coordinating space needed for these projects. Working with Haywood Waterways to propagate plants and trees to help with creating riparian zones around Haywood County and educating volunteers on greenhouse operation and horticulture will also be part of volunteering with this group.


Volunteers supporting the on-campus rhododendron and dahlia gardens will help to rebuild the gardens with a variety of species. Leaders of this group will work with volunteers on how to grow and maintain rhododendron and dahlias specifically. This group should plan to work on a semi-regular schedule to ensure the gardens continue to thrive over time.

Flower Beds & Plants

Looking to keep beautification up around campus, the group overseeing the flower beds and potted plants around campus will help support local pollinators and work to increase the number of active flower beds on campus. This group will also assist with determining a sustainable method of landscaping and how to work with HCC students and faculty to contribute to the beautification of the campus. Ideally, these flowers and plants will provide an educational environment for faculty to utilize throughout the semester.

Are you 18 or older?
Do you have a medical condition that would inhibit you from fully participating in volunteer activities?
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony?