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Green Leaf Initiative

Volunteering with HCC

Haywood Community College always appreciates volunteers but if you're passionate about gardening and looking to get involved, we have a great program for you! Adopt-a-Flower Bed and make a lasting impact on our campus!

As part of the volunteering process, please complete a waiver for your work on campus.


Adopt-a-Flower Bed

Develop and Maintain
Embrace the opportunity to cultivate your own garden bed on campus. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a novice, you can plant new flowers or shrubs, or help nurture and maintain an already established garden bed. 

Year-Round Support
Our dedicated team will provide continuous support and guidance throughout the year. From planting tips to pest control advice, we’re here to help you every step of the way to ensure your garden thrives.

Resources Provided
You’ll have access to a variety of gardening tools, seeds, and other essential resources. Everything you need to create and maintain a vibrant garden bed is at your fingertips.

Collaborative Experience
Join a community of like-minded gardening enthusiasts! Engage in collaborative projects, share knowledge and experience, and build lasting connections with colleagues who share your passion for gardening. 

Choose Your Bed
Select the perfect spot from a wide range of available garden beds across our beautiful campus. Take a stroll around campus and find your ideal gardening space.

Showcase Your Work
Take pride in your efforts and showcase your garden’s progress and achievements. Your garden bed will be featured in our quarterly campus arboretum updates, giving you the chance to share your hard work and creativity with the entire HCC community.

Promote Native Plants
HCC encourages the use of native plants to support local wildlife and maintain the ecological balance. Native plants are adapted to our local environment and provide essential resources for native pollinators and other wildlife. Please note that invasive plants are strictly prohibited to protect our campus ecosystem.

Use Your Creativity
Let your imagination run wild! In addition to traditional gardening, we welcome art installations, hardscapes, and exhibits. Use your garden bed as a canvas to explore and express creative and artistic ideas. 

All proposed changes to the campus arboretum must be approved the Greenleaf Committee and its corresponding administrative authorities. The goal of this program is to help encourage the community get involved with our beautiful campus arboretum. Adopting a bed will require you to be active with your garden maintenance. The responsibility of the garden bed is on the adopter. We can provide assistance, seeds, plants, material and tools but ask that the adopter take over the labor of maintaining their adopted landscapes to the best of their ability. HCC reserves the right to retract any agreements made to an adopt a bed program volunteer if deemed necessary.

If you're interested in adopting a bed, please complete the form below or reach out to Ian Cernak at

Are you 18 or older?
Do you have a medical condition that would inhibit you from fully participating in volunteer activities?
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony?